Nick Matzorkis
Stand Up Paddler, Surfer, Snowboarder, Skateboarder

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Nick Matzorkis

Going Paddle Surfing

Stand Up Paddling in Malibu


Paddle Boarding the Great Lakes

Boat Wake Surfing

Paddle Boarding with Dolphins

Downhill Skateboarding

Nick Matzorkis is a serial entrepreneur who has always been drawn to outdoor activities involving boards: skateboards, snowboards, surfboards and most recently, stand up paddleboards. He began paddle surfing in Malibu and quickly determined that stand up paddling, or SUP, was a sport whose time had come to make it big on the global stage. He launched SUP ATX to introduce and popularize stand up paddling on lakes, rivers and oceans around the world. SUP ATX is the #1 Paddle Board Maker on Earth.

More About Nick Matzorkis

Nick Matzorkis Stand Up Paddling in Austin, Texas

Paragliding over Aspen, Colorado

Bombing Corral Canyon in Malibu

Exploring the USA in a Jeep with a SUP ATX

Snowboarding Aspen Mountain

Sunset SUP in Malibu

Catching a 15 Foot Wave

Paragliding Off Ajax

Paddle Boarding Grand Cayman

Paddle Boarding Aspen

River Paddle Boarding

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